The Importance of Vitamin P

Dear Members of the Waldorf School of Santa Barbara Community,

It is heartening to read of values and practices of our Waldorf education catching on in greater society.

A recent article in The New York Times explores how some pediatricians -- to address obesity, hypertension, diabetes, depression, and anxiety -- are now writing a different kind of prescription for children: a prescription for outdoor play. (The article is linked below this newsletter.)

Our education at WSSB has always known of the bedrock importance of outdoor play, something many schools these days -- terribly -- value less and less. Not only does such play help our children with health issues (physical and mental), it enhances cognitive development and fosters cooperation. Plus (and most importantly!), it brings their beautiful hearts joy! So here's to WSSB and its shameless valuing of Vitamin P!

With great gratitude,

Carolyn Kaster and Teddy Macker
Admin Team
The Waldorf School of Santa Barbara

Link to the article mentioned above:

Alexis Schoppe