Marcela Stamulis teaches Spanish to our Kindergarten through the eighth grade students. She was born and raised in Mar del Plata, Argentina where she earned a college degree from the Instituto Superior de Formación Docente No. 19. She is also a certified AWSNA Waldorf grades school teacher, a certified Spanish Language teacher and has continued to attend many teacher trainings throughout the years. Marcela has also served as a language evaluator (German and Spanish at other Waldorf Schools). Senora Stamulis worked in Argentina as an elementary school teacher, adult education instructor and math and language tutor for many years before moving to Santa Barbara in 2001 with her husband and two children, both now graduates of the Waldorf School of Santa Barbara. She has been teaching Spanish at our school ever since then. She was drawn to Waldorf Education because “It is the only education that I found that seeks to cultivate the positive human values of compassion, reverence for life, respect, cooperation and social conscience as well as developing cognitive, artistic and practical skills.”