Tracy Roberts received her BA in social science from the University of California, Irvine and finished up her MA thesis on Parental Attitudes Towards Computer Use with Young Children in the Child Development department at California State University, Long Beach. Tracy also graduated from the Waldorf Institute of Southern California in May 2015 and is an accredited Waldorf teacher. In 2015, she completed the process to become an Attachment Parenting Leader through Attachment Parenting International. In addition, she has completed a three year training with the Academy of Forest Kindergarten Teachers. Through her continuing education and in the readings of several educational theorists, such as Alfie Kohn, Bev Bos, Rudolph Steiner, William Sears and Thomas Gordon, Tracy has developed a philosophy for her teaching and her school that is not commonly found.

Tracy was the Director/Teacher of a parent participation preschool in Huntington Beach for six years. In addition to her administrative functions, she taught 3 classes of children ranging in age from 2 year olds to 6 year olds and conducted parent education in different areas of child development. In September 2012, Tracy started Acorn Cottage, a Waldorf inspired early childhood nursery program in her home along with the attached forest school, Acorn Village, where children spend time playing in nature as well. In 2016, Tracy followed her passions and has invested all her time in Acorn Village Forest School.

Tracy is married to Josh, a private school math teacher and has two little boys. Besides working with children, her passion most definitely lies with educating new parents on issues related to birth, babyhood, discipline, effects of media, and more. She has been giving parenting workshops in these topics for the past twenty years in addition to starting Parenting Pathways, a parenting seminar. In her spare time, Tracy enjoys reading, gardening, learning how to be Earth conscious in all her practices, playing tennis, camping, spending time with loved ones, and finding any chance she can to build a tree house or fort with the children in her life.